The AMA Sprint targets content creators who have made YouTube their full-time job. Being a creator is tough, and developing an optimized workflow based on real data is even tougher. The Sprint is for creators who want the burden of analytics and strategy taken off of them -- we let you focus on creating.


We'll hop on a series of calls with you every two weeks. Each call will go over 1) insights from the previous week's analyses and 2) what our plan is for the following week. We build great relationships with our clients -- that's the best part of the job!


The AMA Sprint is a 3 month process. We have 15 different proprietary analyses that we'll run you through, breaking down everything from titling and thumbnails to content ideation and scheduling. By the end of the Sprint, you will have a fully-optimized YouTube workflow and a custom content calendar that you can use to ensure you're getting the most out of your channel every month.


Interested in learning more? Head over to the contact page and select AMA Sprint when you send a message. We'll hop on a call within the next week!

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