AMA was created by content creators for content creators. We're motivated to help creators establish careers for themselves by following their passions.
Matthew Price
Co-founder & CEO

Our Story

Authentic Media Ascension is a digital agency aimed at helping creators do what they love. We found that there thousands of content creators out there, but not all of them understand the data backing their success or stagnation, an integral part of online growth strateygy. That's where we come in.

What do we do? Well, everything. AMA started as a passion project and quickly grew into an established team of experts. By combining analytics, storytelling and marketing, AMA specializes in strategic digital growth, sustainable revenue optimization and audience expansion. Whether you're a small casual vlogger, an established online personality or a brand in need of a social media boost, AMA helps you attain and retain growth. We're a fully remote team, so we can work around your busy schedule.


Our Experts

Matthew Price

Co-founder and CEO

Jihad Esmail

Co-founder and COO

Lainey Dow

Vice President of Customer Success

Idil Kara

YouTube Expert
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